NISC Expanding in Mandan


Since 1966, National Information Solutions Cooperative has called Mandan “home.” Not familiar with National Information Solutions Cooperative? Perhaps you know them better as NISC: a leading provider of technology solutions to utility and telecommunications organizations across the globe.

NISC was actually formed in 2000 as a result of the consolidation of Central Area Data Processing Cooperative (CADP) and North Central Data Cooperative (NCDC). NCDC was headquartered in Mandan and for decades had served utility cooperatives and telecommunications companies with information processing services and accounting and billing software. Since the consolidation and formation of NISC, the company has grown to more than 775 energy and telecommunications members in 49 states, process more than one million paychecks for NISC member-customers and employ more than 1,100 people between itself and its subsidiaries. In addition, NISC has four campuses in Mandan, Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, Shawano, Wisconsin and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Now, the company is poised for even greater growth as a result of their most recent expansion in Mandan.

Practically speaking, this expansion will accommodate NISC’s current and projected growth as well as connect all of the company’s buildings on campus. The 33,000 square foot expansion (pictured) will also create additional office space, meetings rooms, a dining facility and fitness center for the more than 400 employees who work in Mandan. It will also create a true “front door” for the Mandan campus as you enter from Old Red Trail. This expansion marks a $7.5 million investment in the community and is expected to be complete later this summer. As a result of NISC’s continued growth, the company also expects to add another 70 jobs at the Mandan campus over the next five years bringing their total employment here to nearly 500 employees.

It’s not often that an information technology grows and chooses to stay in the Midwest when they could easily relocate to the Research Triangle in North Carolina or the Silicon Valley in California. That’s why we’re so fortunate and so excited that NISC has chosen to not only stay here, but also expand here!

Brian Ritter is the President / CEO of the Bismarck-Mandan Development Association (BMDA)