Create the Energy You Need to Live Well


Have you ever been challenged with an ongoing feeling of fatigue or the overwhelming burden of exhaustion? Maybe you wake up tired or you run out of steam by mid-afternoon or find yourself longing for a place to catch a quick nap after eating a meal? Regardless how we describe it, the effect is the same…we become just plain “sick and tired” of feeling tired.

Having the privilege to work with people to achieve wellness in their lives gives me 1st hand insight of how every area of our lives is affected by our lack of energy. The bottom line is this – improving our health improves our energy!

The “Wheel of Life Balance” indicates the 8 main areas of our life that we need to maintain at some level to have a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling quality of life. When one area is out of balance, it puts more stress on the other areas and creates an imbalance.

When we make Health/ Self Care a priority and increase the score in that area it automatically improves every other area of our life.

What causes the body to lose its energy or not generate energy in the first place?

  1. Lack of nutrients from nutrient rich foods and/or whole food supplements
  2. Too many sugars and empty, refined carbs
  3. Not enough pure water to cleanse and detoxify the body
  4. Less than 2-3 bowel movements each day to relieve the body of toxic waste
  5. Lack of movement which prevents the Lymph System from flushing and detoxifying

Are you ready to create health & energy in your life so you can live well?

Ask yourself these questions:

If I made my health a priority- how would my life change? How would my priorities need to change? Am I committed to taking care of my most important asset?

I believe this time of year is a great time to create momentum in our wellness goals. The nice weather beckons us to get moving. The fresh local-grown produce is a great way to implement whole food choices in our diets. Create refreshing fruit & vegetable infused water to drink daily…What are you waiting for?

Roberta Spitzer

A Certified Wellness Coach and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner and is the owner of Wake Up To Life Wellness Coaching. She believes in a holistic approach to creating health and wellness in her own life and in the lives of those who are ready to embrace change and empower themselves to live well.